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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Save Our Turtles !

Persatuan Taekwon-Do Negeri Terengganu (GTF)

is urging you to join
Persatuan Ma' Daerah Khazanah Rakyat
(Ma' Daerah The People's Heritage) "MEKAR"
and Save Our Marine Turtles !

The program is part of WWF Malaysia's program.
There are ways to contribute.
Please visit

Tuan Hj. Amran Salleh, Chairman of MEKAR
is also the Pioneer of Taekwon-Do Class at Kg. Baru Kerteh, had since become the host of two consecutive Terengganu Inter-Schools Taekwon-Do Annual Championship (ISTAC), and much expected to run the third in 2008. Under his patronage, Kg.Baru Kerteh TKD Class is made-known to public and had once been acknowledged as the most active running training ground in Terengganu. For his noble effort in saving our turtles, let us contribute ....



Promoting Traditional Taekwon-Do

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